Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adventures with a Crow Bar

Now that our bedroom is livable, we've been focussed on the kitchen. This little galley has a shortage of storage and weirdly-dispersed counter space, lighting, and electrical outlets. However, there is plenty of mid-90s-Japanese-car dark green. Takes me back...

The first order of business (well, after taking down the dirty dirty window valance, ditching the black magnetized covering on the fridge, and doing a super clean with a toothpick) was to get rid of the weird extra counter/breakfast bar (note its presence in the back right of this photo). However, this was not as simple as just taking out some screws. A former owner had actually epox-ied (or caulked? or Krazy Glued?) the thing to the wall. Lean on it as we might, the oversized shelf did not budge.

So, we headed down to Frager's and acquired some crow bars with our housewarming money.

Here we are at work.

Here are the large holes our efforts left in the wall. You can see all layers of the plaster here, down to the animal hair and wooden lathes.

Thank goodness we have this beautiful antique pie safe to cover it all up! :)

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