Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shop Class

Some of you may know that I make art from bed sheets. So, this means I have a sizable (approx. 700 lbs.?) collection (see the pile in the lower right?) that pretty well documents the lower and middle rungs of the US bedding textile market from the last few decades. Sheets are heavy, and bulky. My mom and I turned my basement/laundry room/future studio into a woodshop for the past couple of days to build some shelves from some lumber she tore out of her attic. (My mom is kind of a bad ass.)

I don't have any good photos of the process of constructing these shelves, since I was busy not cutting my fingers off. However, I can tell you we basically constructed two ladders of 2x4's, made a back brace to hold them together, then cut plywood planks to rest on the rungs, forming shelves. Measuring is extremely important, as are ventilation, a solid drill, and good hammering skills.

Did I mention measuring? Because that was important.

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