Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tranquil Pond

We decided to paint the guest room Tranquil Pond, a pale blue-green by Freshaire Choice, same as the front bedroom paint.

We were contemplating Naturalist Gray by the same maker. Even though it appeared to be a light, neutral gray, on the bedroom wall it turned into a washed out sickly violet (probably looks better in cool northern light rather than the warm afternoon sun that side of the house gets). Not exactly the atmosphere we'd like to create for any future lodgers we may have. I hope that Tranquil Pond will promote a, well, tranquil feeling.

Once I finished up the paint, I decided to wash the floor and wood trim. After some online research and consultation with experts (my mom), I decided to go with a slightly damp towel and a drop of Ivory dishwashing soap. There is so much controversy out there about wood floor care!! Pro water, anti water, must use this, must use that..... it all depends on what kind of finish you've got. If you have a new floor or a recently refinished floor, then you most likely have a urethane finish. Urethane is water resistant, so if you just use a bit a wipe it up right away, you're good. An old fashioned wax finish is a whole other animal though.

I've also been doing a little bit of research about the architecture/style of our house. I learned via the Capitol Hill Restoration Society website that we live in a daylighter house, a style that started to become common around 1920. This floorplan was built to be only two rooms deep, instead of the usual three, so more light would enter the house and there wouldn't be a couple of dark rooms in the middle. It was meant to appeal to middle class people who might have otherwise been looking for a many-windowed bungalow out in the suburbs.

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