Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Porch Projects: Upstairs Sleeping Porches

Off of our back bedrooms are two little lean-to rooms. In the days before air conditioning, these were screened sleeping porches where former residents of the Sow's Ear took refuge on hot summer nights.

Now, these spaces are neglected little add-ons. They have been enclosed over time (you can see what used to be an exterior wall below, since it still has vinyl siding. Some brick is also visible on another wall.), but seemingly without purpose.

The former owners used the spaces for additional closet and storage spaces. We are hoping to turn them into some sort of art space.

To that end, I've been removing some wallpaper, old curtain and closet rods, and patching the walls. At some point I'll have to learn how to lay some new vinyl tiles, since the old stick-on flooring is starting to peel up. I'll also have to find an electrician to add a light and an outlet (fingers crossed that this is possible).

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