Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today, we became plant murderers.

Remember this?

That's what our front garden looked like back in June. It doesn't look so bad there. But over the course of the summer, it kept growing, and growing, and growing. And then it grew some more. The wisteria (vine in the front) almost ate the small Japanese maple, as well as a couple of pedestrians. The hibiscuses (bushes in the back) turned into weedy looking trees.

So, after very little planning, 3 hours' steady work, and a trip to the free mulch pile in Takoma Park, MD (31 Oswego Avenue!), we now have this:

Sure, it looks a little bare now, but we're working on a plan for what to do next. For inspiration, I got a sack of daffodil bulbs at the farmers' market. They'll go in the ground soon, and we'll see what happens come spring.

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