Thursday, December 2, 2010

Porch Projects: Sleeping Porches are Complete, Now With Window Shades

We had a lot of guests over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I had to get the windows of the sleeping porches covered in an attractive manner. Previously, these windows had been unattractively covered with cheap, dirty plastic mini blinds.

I found a project tutorial on the Internet about turning such cheap, dirty plastic mini blinds into lovely fabric shades, so I set to work.

After a whole day's work, I finished up with this:

Making these shades was not super easy, but I was able use materials I already had for a cheap fix to my problem. I may remake the shades in the future with some better fabric (I just used an old white sheet here), but for a temporary solution these shades work well. Thanks, Little Green Notebook, for the great project instructions!

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