Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gardening at Night: Part 1

My old friend J was in town last week. With her background in engineering and nutrition science, she was the perfect person to help me get my garden on.

Here's J, looking like a park ranger, with some tiny lavender plants we stuck in the ground in the back yard. I hope these will turn into a nice big shrubs someday.

J also helped me figure out some erosion control over by the storm drain. I need to figure out a good thing to plant over here that is both shade tolerant and water loving for additional stabilization of this side of the back yard.

Here's some thyme and lemon-scented geraniums we planted near the front steps. I think I need to add more of this kind of thing in some other places. The geraniums supposedly help repel mosquitos...probably only works if you roll around in a bed of them though.

I found a hook for my hummingbird feeder on clearance at Home Depot. I read that you should put your feeder out in the late spring before you ever see any birds. They are probably around already, just busy building nests, etc.

And look! The wisteria we hacked back last fall is blooming!

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