Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun With an Extension Ladder: Fool's Errand

When we moved into The Ear, we noticed that our new house sported a case of architectural fungus that seems to infect a lot of residential buildings: a leftover satellite dish. When you sign up for this service, the company happily comes out and installs your dish. But when you cancel, they just come get the guts that make the thing work; they leave the ugly metal bits behind for someone else to deal with (unless, apparently, you pay them $200 to reclaim their property). We thought it would be pretty easy to take care of ours by hanging out our back window and getting the last bits with our new friend, Extension Ladder.

Here's Mr. MJ at work, hanging out the window (yes, I was hanging on to him):

Ah, success! Here's the big part, dismantled and hauled inside:

But ugh. What was left proved too much for us (didn't help that by the time we got to this part, the mid-afternoon sun was baking the back of our house). All the super strong bolts were too much for our tired hands and sweaty backs at this point. We'll try again, maybe with reinforcements.

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