Monday, December 19, 2011

Kitchen Conundrum: From the Ground Up

We've been hacking away at the green ceramic tile on the floor: an hour here, an afternoon there. Slowly and steadily we are getting it pulled up.

I also decided to try to get up a bit of the plywood underlayment to take a peek underneath (there was a small square section next to the dining room, so I thought that would be an easy place to start.

I pulled out a variety of very long nails and screws (really wish they hadn't used screws. this would be so much easier!).

Then I worked around the perimeter with my two pry bars.

And low and behold.....

What the...? Wood floor! Hmm, now what? Our plan was to do a colorful checkboard pattern with vinyl composition tile. May have to rethink that...

And no, the comedy gold is not lost on me that dark green faux-marble-pattern vinyl stick-on tiles were covered with dark green faux-marble-pattern ceramic tiles. Brilliant work all 'round.

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