Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kitchen Conundrum: Tidbits

A few well remembered but not-long-for-this-world elements of the old kitchen are pictured below. Enjoy as much as we have!

Hand-painted electrical outlets (to match the green tile!):

Well crafted electrical supply for the over-the-range microwave (blue tape our addition):

Roach traps (have lost count of how many we've found). These were lurking in the gap between base cabinet and dishwasher:

Roach habitats, found under the dishwasher and neighboring cabinet, as well as behind the sink backsplash:

(PS: It's rather disgusting and scary to realize what you've been living with, despite what you thought was a relatively clean kitchen. Ugh.)

(PPS: Happy New Year! Did you eat your peas?)

1 comment:

  1. Eweeeee! Who knew? Should I get shots or something since I have eaten food prepared in this kitchen???

    P.S. Happy New Year - we ate our peas, ham hock, hog jowl, corn bread, & turnip greens (some left over from last week), Doing all we can for good luck!