Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Crappy Little Closet That Could: A Thanksgiving Project

Hello Internet, it's been a while!

Not too many projects have been undertaken for the past few months here at the Sow's Ear.  We just enjoyed the last fruits of our garden (we had so many green tomatoes when we finally ripped out our vines -- couldn't give them all away or find new recipes fast enough) and turned our attention to other things.

I realized that I would have a good chunk of time over the Thanksgiving holiday and decided to tackle a remodel of our bedroom closet.  When we moved in, this closet had two barely-functioning, barely-hanging-on clothing rods, hung at a strange angle to get around the HVAC ducts.  We took those down (by pulling just a little; it was far too easy), stacked our shoes up inside (invariably I always wanted to wear the pair on the bottom), shut the door and forgot about it for a couple of years.  I have finally gotten tired of all the stacks of shoe boxes and decided to make some shelves.

So, the weekend before Thanksgiving, we cleaned out the closet (thanks, Mr MJ!).

Then we pulled out some drywall from the corner that was eating up space, covering two small HVAC ducts and lots of wood framing.

The wood framing is well attached and sturdy; I think I will use it as shelf supports.  But, I will have to cover up the large hole in the floor.

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