Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bathroom Boogaloo: Day 15

Day 15 was a kind of step forward, step back kind of day.  The main components—sink, P-trap, toilet, faucet, shower head, etc.—finally showed up, but they caused quite a bit of rethinking and redoing to happen.  The sink and P-trap were more adjustable in height than we had originally understood.  That's a good thing, because the sink (really meant to be a low-slung mop sink) can be placed at a more standard height on the wall.  However, this adjustment requires some other shifts elsewhere, namely in the tile on the wall.  Two more rows will be added.

Our big, beautiful utility sink.

The sink's special supportive P-trap, which has caused us much thinking and consternation at different points.

Some tile has to come off before more can go on.

Sconces above the laundry area are in; they match the 3-bulb vanity light.
Since the professionals are so close to being done, they plan to work a few hours tomorrow (Saturday) so that they will (fingers crossed) finish up on Monday.

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