Friday, July 19, 2013

Bathroom Boogaloo: Days 8 & 9

Hello readers, sorry for the lag time between posts!  While I've been not-posting, progress continues nonetheless.  And oh, plumbing inspection passed!

On Day 8, the hole got filled in, new electrical wires were run, and some framing was done.

The former hole!

Second, smaller hole for washer drainage. Now not a hole.

Electrical stuff.

More electrical stuff.

On Day 9, the shower stall and closet got framed out, and some drywall preparations were made.

Looking into the new room from outside.  The shower stall is right in front.

Inside looking out.  The white bucket marks the toilet's spot.  The two rods jutting out of the green wall are the supply lines for the sink.

The exterior wall got insulated.
I am writing this from Day 10.  I believe drywall is going up as I type.  I'm excited to see it this evening!

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