Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bathroom Boogaloo: Days 17 & 18, Eureka!

Monday and Tuesday of this week were Day 17 and 18, on which the professionals finished their work (nearly...they were back yesterday for trash collection).  And behold!  We have a working second bathroom:

Outside of the new room. To the left you can see the door to the small storage closet.
The lighted doorway leads into the bathroom itself.

Beautiful new toilet, sink, and light, now in their proper places.  The toilet is like the one in our existing bath.
How about that sink?

Laundry area, with sconces, new window, and vents for dryer and exhaust fan.

Shower stall, with open door.

Another view of the sink, light, and exhaust fan.
If you looked carefully at the photos, you may have noticed that the bathroom doesn't exactly look ready to use.  The basement around it is still a mess (floor needs to be cleaned and repainted, studio things moved back in). There are no towels or soap.  There's no mirror over the sink.  And there's nowhere to put anything.  All items that are on the agenda, starting right this minute!

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