Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Room at the Inn (Yet)

Now that my super-helpful guest has left, I've gotten back to work in the spare bedroom. You may remember that I had already removed the wallpaper but hadn't yet dealt with the walls' boo boos, big and small.

Big boo boo number one would be this ugly soffit concealing some HVAC ducts. It's hard to see in this photo, but this is a particularly good example of unskilled soffit construction; none of the sides meet up squarely with the walls or each other, and it overlaps the door frame trim.

Also problematic are the space behind where the radiator used to sit -- a very rough plaster job, almost like the smooth top coat didn't make it there -- and a funny rough joint between a drywall patch and the original plaster wall behind the door.

So, I got out my caulk gun, spackle, fiberglass tape, and quick setting joint compound. I also have a super special spoonula (highly professional tool, that) for spreading joint compound in the awkward spots.

Getting better, don't you think?

While patching this room has not been as intense or widespread as it was in the front bedroom, it has posed its own special frustrations. Namely, the funny rough corner just hasn't wanted to be smoothed out. Several times over the past few days, while applying coat after coat of joint compound, I've wanted to give up and call it good enough. But then I think of my mom, who believes in doing the job right, the first time. So I have persevered on, until this afternoon, when I think I finally got it right. Thanks for the lesson, Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

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