Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Getting There...

This weekend we made some progress on the entryway. After some antiquing outside Leesburg (this place has great stuff and prices) and some Craig's List shopping, we've got a mirror to check our teeth for food bits before we leave and a coat tree to dump our coats and bags on when we arrive back home.

Also note my granny's old sewing machine serving as a catch-all table and the little chest (made by my granddad for my grandmother's vacuum cleaner) serving as a place to take off and store shoes. Now if we could just do something about that light fixture, we'd be in business.

We also broke out the circular saw and made some headway in the studio. We lined the walls with homosote, which is usually used as a sound proofing and insulation material. For an artist, it makes a nice smooth, soft surface to take up drawings and paintings while I work. Today I'm cleaning up and painting. Almost in business down there too.

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  1. Much improved entry! Glad you have both grandmothers' stuff in your entry. MOM