Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend we took a break from working inside the house and turned our attention to the outside. I'm sure our neighbors were happy to see us hacking away at the weeds out there (thanks, Dad, for the hand-me-down weedeater!).

We harvested our clover and dandelion crops and so are back to a bald looking lawn in the back.

Here's the yield.

We cleaned up the front garden too. Everything is getting really leggy and spready out there. Not sure what it all is...waiting on some flowers so we can decide what to keep and what to dig up. If any of you readers out there in Internetland are good at plant ID, let me know. (I know we have a little Japanese maple in the upper right corner, and maybe some variety of wisteria spreading out from the upper left. But what about the other stuff?)


  1. Both the back and front yard have such potential! Knowing you guys, you'll really make it nice, both with decor and greenery, just in time for summer outdoor wine drinking and entertaining. You definitely have a green thumb, looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

  2. thanks e, keep your fingers crossed for us (may take a while).