Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fun With an Extension Ladder: Side Project

You may recall that I found a pair of ornate ceiling lights at Second Chance Salvage in Baltimore a couple of months ago. I installed one in our downstairs entryway and have been saving the other for just the right spot.

After painting the walls and ceiling on the upstairs landing to coordinate with the entryway, I decided the lights should match as well. Besides, I had been meaning to deal with this airplane propellor attached to the ceiling since we moved in over a year ago:

The Ear came equipped with some truly awful fans and lighting fixtures. I'm glad to finally be getting rid of them. I started this one by removing the blades and the light kit (after cutting off the power at the circuit breaker!).

I was then able to lower the canopy, unscrew the bolts, and detach the wiring. As with the light fixture in the entryway, I found evidence of The Ear's former gas lighting system. This gas pipe (the dark cylinder in the middle of the silver plate), however, had been cut off closer to the ceiling, so it was not in the way of my new hardware.

After the fan removal, the new fixture went up easy as pie.

Wow, what a tall, airy space we have now!

I think I'll take a little break from projects for now and just enjoy living here for a bit. Happy summer!

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