Monday, July 1, 2013

Basement Redo Part 2, Electric Boogaloo

Last summer I demo-ed our basement (with help from mom!) and made myself a big, beautiful studio.  This summer, we are turning the laundry area of that basement into a second bathroom! (one of the very very big projects mentioned in the last post)

Work is supposed to start tomorrow, when the professionals will show up and most likely start jack hammering up the concrete floor (sorry neighbors!).  We've spent the past couple of weeks cleaning out and cleaning up the basement, protecting everything we couldn't move, and washing everything that was the least bit dirty.

Here's the basement ready to go:

All my studio furniture under wraps.  I wonder if this might be a viable sculpture form?
The new bathroom will go on the left side of this picture, where you see the laundry area now.
Mr. MJ's sister, a hard-working architect, helped us with the floor plan and design of the new space.  It will be a combination bathroom/laundry room.  The washer and dryer will be repositioned under the window (with a better vent for the dryer!), and a shower stall and toilet will be added.  A small storage closet will open into the studio (appears in plan next to the toilet) for all my tools, leftover house paint, etc.

Style-wise, the bathroom will be bright and utilitarian, with white subway tile and a big service sink, because it will still serve as a place for me to clean up art materials and wash other dirty stuff.  

We have debated the merits of a project like this for three years, since we bought this house.  We could tell from the recent house sales that adding a second bathroom would be the biggest thing we could do to add value to our home.  However, the combination of the expense of the project and the just-fine-ness of our current setup have always made us decide against taking this step.  Until now!

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