Monday, July 1, 2013


After a few months and lots and lots of rain (especially just now at the end of June), this is our crazy verdant garden.  It looks kind of like a big, hairy, green monster in our backyard.  It includes pole beans, bush beans, okra, cucumbers (maybe), beets, carrots, turnip greens (and beautiful turnips!), beaucoup tomatoes (see the tiny yellow and red spots in the back right? those are ripe ones I'm going to pick tonight), mustard greens, strawberries, a couple of chard plants, Thai peppers, Asian eggplants, and lots of herbs.  Phew!

Things we have eaten so far (not counting herbs and greens):

Baby carrot with a few wax beans and the first okra pod

Early Girl tomato (first one to ripen) with sweet basil

Baby carrots!

Otherwise, lots of various projects have been in the works at The Ear over the past few months, and continuing on this summer.  Some were small, some will be very very large, and some will be life changing.  Stay tuned!

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